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Top tips for a great after school routine

Now the summer holidays are over, kids across the country are back to school once more. Whether they are returning to the same school, are starting school for the first time, or have progressed from infant to primary school it can be challenging, for both parent and child, to get back into an effective after school routine after that long, sun filled break!

If you’re finding it difficult to get back into the swing of the term-time routine, read on as we list some top tips to ensure that afterschool time is spent effectively, winding your child down after a long day of learning and preparing them for their next day ahead.

Pack a healthy snack

Even after the most nutritious lunch, with so much energy and lots of running around children are often hungry at home time, which can quickly lower their mood. After school it can be tempting to head to the local shop for crisps, chocolate, or other sugary food and drinks. Be prepared and bring with you some fresh fruit, veg or other healthy nibbles that will fill them up, without spoiling their evening meal.

Save their energy

Younger children may find a long day at school very tiring, which can make the walk home very difficult. However, it is best to try to keep them awake so that their sleeping pattern isn’t disrupted. If you are walking home, bring a scooter or some other toy vehicle that you can place your child in to push them along, saving their energy while also making the journey home fun!

 Or burn it off!

Alternatively, some kids will be bursting with energy at the end of the day, ‘letting loose’ with their parents after a long day of being on their best behaviour. If there is a local park, make sure to stop there for a little while on the way home when the weather is nice, or bring bikes and other fun toys for your kids to ride home on, allowing them to burn off their energy.

Unpack bags before its too late

Make sure to unpack your kid’s bag as soon as you get home. Doing so, you can make sure that you receive all the letters that have been sent by the school and can be aware of any homework that may need to be completed. This helps you to keep up to date with what is happening at your child’s school, helping you to prepare for any upcoming trips, events and special classes.


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