The best online tools to teach coding to kids

In order to properly prepare for the workforce of the future, today’s technological fuelled world requires the youth of today to train in a different set of skills to previous generations. Traditional subjects such as English, maths, science and more are now being taught alongside lessons such as web development, design and coding. Coding is increasingly becoming a desirable skill and a necessary part of many businesses, yet there is currently a shortage of coders within this fast-growing industry. If your children have the capability to code, nurturing that skill at an early age could pave the way for a long, reliable and rewarding career path in the future. Here are some online tools to teach your kids at home!

Code Avengers

Code Avengers offers a range of free introductory classes to give your children a taster-session building web pages, apps and games. If, after the taster sessions are over, your child wants to learn more then a small payment can open the door to a whole host of other training modules, enabling your child to choose which coding language to specialise in and for which application.


Scratch is totally free to use and aimed especially towards children, making it perfect for code-keen youngsters whose parents are on a budget! Scratch uses building blocks to teach coding rather than lines of letters and numbers, making it easy for children to build whatever they desire on this fun, vibrant and easy-to-use website.  

Daisy the Dinosaur

Free to download from the iTunes store, Daisy the Dinosaur is a fun ‘game’ that can be enjoyed on an iPad in the car, on holiday or during quiet moments at home. This fun app uses the character of Daisy to teach children the basics of coding, asking them to enter commands so that the dinosaur can complete small tasks.

Tech Rocket

Designed for children aged 10 to 18, Tech Rocket is an online learning resource for all things technological, offering courses for game design, graphic design (including 3D Printing and Photoshop) as well as coding on Java, C++, Python and iOS. There are plenty of free classes available to begin with, as well as advanced courses available to purchase as part of a subscription.

Does your child currently learn coding at school? Would you like them to learn this skill? Let us know which tools you’ve found helpful in our online forum for parents.

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