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The best books for encouraging your kids to read

For some kids, they love to curl up with a book as soon as they start reading but other need a bit more encouragement. Finding the right book that captures their interest and imagination can have a big impact and encourage them to turn to paperback books instead of digital entertainment once in a while. Libraries and book stores offer a huge range of stories for children to fall in love with and you’re sure to find a few that your child will want to keep turning the pages of.

If you want to encourage your child to read more and love it too, here are our 6 suggestions to get you started and give reluctant readers a boost.

Horrid Henry – The Horrid Henry books often featured in the top books of any school. Why? Kids love the character and his mischievous antics. The illustrated stories are interesting enough to keep children reading and enough of a challenge that they’ll feel accomplished when they finish it. Reading age: 7-10.

Stormbreaker – The first in a series of stories about a teenage spy, this fast-paced book is perfect for those looking for adventure. While boys are more often reluctant readers than girls, this thrilling book combines Bond-like action and plot twist to keep all enthralled until the end – and then they’ll want to pick up the second in the Alex Rider series. Reading age: 10-13.

The World’s Worst Children – With crazy ideas, stunning illustrations, and stories to keep the pages turning, David Williams has become a favourite children’s author. The World’s Worst Children is ideal for a light-hearted read that will encourage readers to come back for more. Reading age: 7-10.

The Gruffalo – A firm favourite in schools up and down the country is the Gruffalo, why didn’t you know? It’s a superb choice for reluctant readers that are just starting to read. The storyline, style of language and, of course, the voices they can put on as they read will mean children come to adore The Gruffalo. Reading age: 4-6.

Holes – For reluctant teenage reads, this young adult mystery could kick start a love for reading. Since being released in 1998 and having a movie adaption, it’s become a common book in the hands of teens. Combining funny moments, a poignant storyline, and twists and turns, it’s a perfect introduction to reading for pleasure. Reading age: 13+.

Roald Dahl collection – From The Twits to Fantastic Mr Fox, there’s a reason that the Roald Dahl collection of stories are classics and continue to enthral reader today. The incredible stories that are brought to life are perfect for children reading on their own or a bedtime story with an adult. Reading age:7-8.

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