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Low sugar breakfast ideas to start school days better

Weekday mornings are a hectic time for parents. As well as getting ready for their own working day, children must be washed, dressed and ready for school. In some households this is also juggled with feeding pets, meaning that it is all too common for balanced eating to be forgotten about when it comes to feeding kids in favour of quick, argument free and often sugar-packed breakfasts. However, health officials have recently warned that children are consuming half of their daily sugar allowance at breakfast alone – a worrying statistic for health conscious parents.

To help mornings run smoother, we’ve pulled together some tasty, low fuss and low sugar breakfast ideas to start each school day better.

Eggs on toast

Eggs are packed with protein, keeping tummies full until lunchtime and when placed on toast they make for a scrummy meal that kids will look forward to every morning! Eggs can be scrambled in a pan in a matter of minutes, while boiled eggs and soldiers can be reserved for those days when you have a few more moments to spare!

Low sugar cereal

Kid’s favourite cereals may contain huge amounts of sugar, but this doesn’t mean you have to rule out cereal altogether. Weetabix is a great choice, working equally as well with warm milk on those colder days. To cater to a sweet tooth add a small portion of toppings such as bananas, strawberries or even a small amount of honey, which is incredibly tasty but is slightly better than sugar itself!

Whole grain toast and low sugar peanut butter

Peanut butter can be seen as a forbidden treat but without added sugar only the nutrients are left, without ever sacrificing the incredible taste. Many independent health food stores will make their own ‘raw’ peanut butter to buy, but many ‘off the shelf’ brands also offer the same, healthy peanut butter to make every breakfast delicious!

Porridge oats

Your kids may already be enjoying pre-packaged and pre-flavoured porridge type brands, but switching to buying just the raw oats can instantly make the meal much healthier, saving you money too. Add a few splashes of milk or water to a scoop of oats to make a hearty breakfast bowl, adding fruit for further flavour.

Have you tried any of these meals? What are your favourite low-sugar breakfast ideas? Let us know in the comments below, or in our parent’s forum!

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