Kids have just gone back to school, but it’s never too early to prepare for exams!

Throughout September children across the country have been trading in their toys and games for books and calculators as they return back to school after a long summer away from education. These first few weeks of term time can be fairly relaxed, with children getting used to their new classmates and teachers, coming to terms with their different subjects and catching up with old friends. Although the looming SATs or GCSE exams may seem like a long way away, it is never too early to prepare for these very important tests that could dictate your children’s educational future.

That being said, we are not suggesting that your child should stick to a strict study schedule just yet! However, as they are settling in to a new routine at school, now is a great time to also start great studying habits that can set them up for every success in the future, preparing them well for their upcoming assessments.

The stressful exam period can be a lot easier for your child if they feel calm, relaxed and in control. They will feel this way if they totally understand the format of the papers, and if they have a solid understanding of the subject that they are being tested on.

Using past papers from previous exams is a great way to prepare your children. With this knowledge, you could start to test the particular subjects and questions that will be asked in these papers as part of your child’s normal homework routine. This way, they will gradually develop a strong understanding of these topics and will feel confident when it comes to the big day!

As the exam date draws closer, carrying our practice tests using the past papers can help your child to become familiar with the format of the exam, learning how to apply the knowledge that they have built up over the year in order to form the highest marking answers.

At School Reviewer, we care about supporting the education of your child. We have created a dedicated area of our website that offers video tutorials and walkthroughs for Maths GCSE, SATs and the soon to be launched 11+ examination papers. Every video is led by a teacher with experience in both marking and setting these exams, offering simple and easy to understand solutions to help your child pass successfully. While school may have just begun again, give your child a flying start to help them through their educational journey with School Reviewer!

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