Is your child enjoying school?

During every child’s life there comes a time when the joy of school wears off and it becomes a struggle to keep them enthused about the learning trajectory. However, how can you tell whether or not your child is enjoying their school experience?

By considering these key points you should find it easier to notice if your child’s time at school is just part of growing up or whether there may be something amiss.


It is vital to pay attention to who your child hangs around with in and out of school. Not only does this show that you take an interest in their lives, it also gives you the opportunity to pinpoint any changes within your child’s circle of friends.

Some children naturally have a wider group of friends than others but, it is worth noting that many children tend to hang around with the same people.
If you notice that your child is spending more time with new friends, this may be an indication of peer pressure.


Any major behavioural issues tend to be one of the biggest indications that something is on your child’s mind. Any significant shift in attitude or behaviour – anything that goes against what is normal for your child – can suggest that there may be something happening at school that you were unaware of.
Schools are one area in which parents have little input compared to the rest of their child’s life so this is where behaviours can change, especially if there are major issues such as bullying.


What are your child’s grades like? Have they stayed consistent or have they declined over a certain amount of time? If the answer is the latter then it is possible that your child is experiencing some kind of difficulty at school.

From struggling to get to grips with work to bullying, there are many factors which could contribute to a dip in your child’s grades – which makes it important to ensure that these issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively before they get worse.

If your child’s grades have changed significantly, be sure to speak to their teacher. Sometimes children can underachieve if they have any school issues affecting them or if they do not find the work challenging enough.

It is crucial that parents pay close attention to the school lives of their children, not only will comparing your child to the one that teachers know highlight if there are any issues – it will also help make you and your child closer, which can only be beneficial in the long run!

If you think the issue lies with the school rather than your child, then why not take a look at the top 100 schools and consider moving them – but only if they would be happy to do so and leave behind friends.

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