How to get kids back into learning mode

The Christmas holidays may only just seem like they’ve started, but before you know it, children will be heading back to school ready to start a whole new year.

There’s no denying Christmas is an exciting time for kids (and even the big kids), but when the time comes to get back to reality, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of it. So how can you ensure your kids are ready for the new year and the new term?

Set goals to achieve

Before the new term starts, reflect on the last one with your child. Talk through the ups and downs, the subjects they like, the ones they don’t like as much, and what they feel they’re good at and have developed. Then look at the coming term and set small, achievable goals for them to work to. Whether it be getting five marks more on a numeracy test, learning to spell ten new words or even something away from academia, such as making a new friend. This will refocus and motivate them, and put them in the right frame of mind before they start school again.

Invite friends over before term starts

Christmas is one of the best holidays for accumulating things to talk about, and when children head back to school, often you’ll find they’re chattier than ever, swapping stories about new toys, adventures and festive cheer. Although you won’t be able to stop this completely, inviting your child’s friends round before they head back to school will help to get some of this out of the way before they start back at school and ensure they are more focussed on schooling when they get back.

Take an active interest in schoolwork

It can be difficult with such busy lives to sit down every day and go through your child’s day, but making sure your child knows you are interested in their day will help to encourage them to do well, while helping them remember what they’ve done.

Track progress

This can be a new start for the whole family, but one that can focus around your child and their development. Invest in a chalkboard, write out their targets and track how they are progressing. This will give them something to visually aim for and help them to stay on track – while giving them structure early in the term.

Do you have any tips for keeping on top of children’s studies in the new year?

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