Fun festive crafts for kids

Filled with fun, festivities and lots of indulgence, Christmas is a magical time of year for all ages that is all about spending time with loved ones. However, once the mince pies have all been demolished and the presents have been wrapped and placed under the tree, children may find themselves with time on their hands which, if left unattended, can cause even more chaos and mayhem during this already hectic season! Keep idle fingers busy this Christmas period with one of our fun festive crafts for kids!

Glass jar decorations

The Mason jar is having a moment on the internet right now and this simple food container can be turned into many wonderful ornaments for around the home! This Christmas, take an empty jar of pasta sauce and turn it into a glistening candle holder in just a few simple steps. For this, you will need pots of red, green, gold or silver glitter (or whichever shades make up the festive colour scheme around your home) and something to use as a stencil. This could be some shaped stickers found in a craft store, or you could create your own using masking tape. If making your own, cut out your stencil into a festive shape such as a star, snowflake or Christmas tree, making sure it is big enough to let light from the candle through, and place it on the jar. Then, cover the jar in glue and sprinkle with glitter to create your own sparkling decoration!

Fingerprint Christmas tree

Fingerprint Christmas trees make fabulous home decorations, as well as the perfect gift for family members! Many art shops will sell pre-made oven bake clay, making this craft very simple to create. Roll out the clay and cut it out into the shape of a Christmas tree either using a cookie cutter, or if supervised by an adult with a steady hand, free-style the shape using a knife. Be sure to make a small hole at the top of the tree to place string through to hang it on a real tree or around the home once complete! Finally, add baubles onto the decoration using your fingerprints to create a customised ornament.

Clothes peg snowman

Most busy households will have many wooden clothes pegs lying around and if not, these can be picked up in any craft or DIY shop. Paint the pegs white and let your children give their snowmen faces with a black marker pen. Glue small pom poms for the nose and complete these characters with a woollen scarf. Once done, these can be placed around the home by simply clipping the peg to anywhere it will fit!

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