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Fun activities for kids to help bonfire night go with a bang!

Just as all the excitement of Halloween is over, bonfire night comes along to provide more opportunities for fun with your children. Known for its fireworks and explosives, many parents may be concerned about celebrating this potentially dangerous festive period but there are still lots of ways you can get in the sparkling, crackling spirit and enjoy an exciting evening with your little ones, while keeping out of harm’s way!

There is nothing kids love more than eating yummy food and making fun crafts, so in order to celebrate bonfire night safely we’ve scoured Pinterest, the virtual pin board of creative inspiration, to bring you our top picks this bonfire night. If you like the sounds of any of these activities, click on the links to find out more!

Light up balloons

Light up the skies in a safe way with some illuminated balloons! Simply choose some brightly coloured balloons, crack open a glowstick and place in each one before you blow it up in order to create a beautiful, shining bunch of fun! Kids can pass them around, throw them to each other and tie them to a string, making this a great way to make the most of the darker nights.

Painting fireworks

We know – painting fireworks is extremely difficult to get right but one clever Pinterest user has come up with a genius solution! Cut slits at the end of an old cardboard tube and dip in paint. Then, simply twist the tube on some paper to watch the explosive colours come to life! Layer up different colours and let your children’s imagination run wild as they paint their very own firework display.

Bonfire cakes

Even if you can’t make it to a local bonfire display or don’t have room to build one in your garden, the fiery fun can be captured in a creative baking activity. Use your favourite cupcake recipe, then create the flaming finishing touch by using chocolate flakes as logs, and piping orange icing to show the flames flickering through.

Crafted sparklers

As well as watching the huge firework displays in the skies, it is tradition on bonfire night to also enjoy the glow from smaller, hand-held sparklers. If you’re unsure about giving these to your children, or just want another way to enjoy the fun then this sparkler craft activity is great. All you need is some straws, glue and lots of shiny, metallic material. The best part about these sparklers? They will keep on sparkling forever!

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