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Foreign Language Apps for Children

Learning a foreign language will help improve your child’s English standard and it is a fantastic lifelong skill. Schools tend to start teaching foreign languages when children turn 11 but some educational experts complain that this is too late for them to really learn it. You can encourage your child to start learning a foreign language from a younger age by hiring a tutor but this can be very costly. However, in this current technological age there are plenty of apps for smartphones and tablets that will provide a great education without the high price tag. Here are some of our favourites.

Juana la Iguana en la Granja 

Aimed at children five and up this fun learning experience will help your children with Spanish. Set on a farm an iguana called Juana will guide them through a series of games in Spanish. The games are all very educational but are also fun and engaging. It will improve your child’s Spanish vocabulary very quickly. The app is £2.29 to download but your child will have hours of educational fun.

Little Pim

This ingenious set of apps can actually adapt to your child’s learning style which will help them retain information. Little Pim the panda guides children through vocabulary in a wide range of languages including Chinese. It features a fun series of challenges that will ensure your child sticks with it. They even have a parent’s tracker – which means you can monitor progress without your child knowing. The apps are aimed at children from six upwards and are all completely free.

Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds

Focused on Spanish speaking lessons this app is full of fun games that will encourage your child to learn. Rosetta Stone is experienced in providing language courses which means you can expect the highest standards of accuracy. It was a winner at the iKids Awards, being named the best pre-school learning app category. Aimed at children between the ages of three and six, it is completely free to download.


With arguably the best language selection out of any languages app, Duolingo will take a child through the basics and onto more advanced usage. The app works much like a game with achievements, badges and streaks as they progress. This little reward will encourage your child to keep going and learn more. The app is aimed at slightly older children but is completely free to download, just be wary of the in-app purchases.

Will you try encouraging your child to learn a language with any of these apps? Share your experiences on our social media pages.

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