Cute, quick Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

At just under a month away, Valentine’s Day is the next big event to dawn on us after the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve has died down. Although this day is often reserved for adults, there is no reason why you and your child can’t get loved up and dive into the spirit of this heart-felt celebration!

Just as we wrote a post outlining some fun bonfire night and Christmas crafts, we thought we’d add to our selection of artsy pieces with a selection of Valentine’s inspired creative activities to enjoy with your child on the 14th February!

Love bugs

Catch the love bug with your little ones with this adorable craft idea! To make these love bugs (or monsters) you will need some paper cups, red and pink string, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and some paper hearts (you can always cut your own out of paper!).

Tip the cup over so the flat base is facing the ceiling, and glue long strands of string to the base so that it falls down the cup to form the monster’s body. Twist the pipe cleaners round a pencil to make them springy and glue two to the top of the cup to form the monster’s antennae. Place one, two or three googly eyes to the front to form your cute little bug’s face, attaching the paper hearts to the top of the antenna to add the Valentine’s Day finishing touch!

Heart shaped paper garland

It is likely that your kids will have made paper garlands before, but this craft offers a love-inspired update on the classic! All you will need for this is small, thin strips of red or pink paper and a stapler.

First, place four of these strips together and staple them together at one end. Then, take the two outer strips and roll them down, bringing them together at both ends to form a heart shape, with two strips of paper at the top acting as the ‘string’ to hang the garland with. Staple the two strips of paper that you just rolled down together at the bottom, then staple two more strips either side of the newly formed ‘point’ of the heart, rolling them down as you did the first two strips, and repeat! (Although this sounds complicated, following the link and viewing the image will show you just how simple this craft is!)

String wrapped hearts

These charming heart ornaments can be used as decoration, to give as gifts or to form the basis of many more craft ideas, making them a fun, easy but versatile activity this Valentine’s Day.

Take a sheet of polystyrene (or if you don’t have any, using old cardboard will work too) and cut out a heart shape. If you’re using polystyrene then you could use a cookie cutter to help! Then, take a ball of string in your chosen colour and stick the end to the cut out cardboard or polystyrene. Without cutting the ball of string, wind it round and round the shape, changing direction to add different lines and textures, not stopping until it is totally covered and is nice, thick and round! When you are happy with the size and shape of your heart, cut the ball of string and tuck the edge tightly into the rest of the wrapped-round string to secure it – simple!

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