Top Educational Apps for Kids

Children growing up in this generation are likely to be able to use an iPad before they head off to reception – and though many parents worry about the amount of time their children spend in the digital realm, there are ways in which this time can be channelled productively.

There are a multitude of educational apps and games out there that kids can enjoy – check out our top five!

MiniSchool LiteMiniSchool Lite
Perfect for pre-schoolers, this educational app makes Maths and English lots of fun! Children can learn skills like rhyming, telling the time, multiplication, naming colours and more. The initial app is totally free, and there are plenty of activities that don’t cost anything – though you can pay an extra £2.00 for various add-ons and extra activities that your kids are sure to love.

reading-ravenReading Raven
This app has been raved about by teachers and parents alike – and rightly so! Reading Raven helps children with literacy with a step-by-step programme, so they can learn at a pace that suits them. With phonic tutoring and plenty of colourful illustrations to hold the attention of kids, this is a really powerful app for any parent to have up their sleeve. Long car journey ahead? Make sure you have this one downloaded! It costs just £2.99 on iTunes, and could soon be available for Android devices.

barefoot-atlasBarefoot Atlas
This one is great for older children who are starting to learn about geography and the world. With a 3D interactive globe for children to explore, this app is stunningly illustrated and packed with dynamic features that make education enjoyable and interesting for youngsters. An app like this is better viewed on a larger screen, so ideal if you have a tablet device. It costs just £2.99 from the App Store.

math-bingoMath Bingo!
Test older kids on their mental arithmetic with this fun bingo game. Users get a bingo card and the app reads out a series of maths problems that test multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Children have to quickly do the sums to work out the answer, then cross off the answer on their bingo card. The game ends when the card is full – house! At just 99p on iTunes, this one is a steal.

magic-pianoMagic Piano
Here at School Reviewer, we’re strong advocates that not all education is academic. Magic Piano is an app that allows kids to unleash their creative side, with a selection of guides that allow them to play through popular tunes – as well as the ability to create their own fun songs! By following beams of light, children can play everything from Britney Spears to Beethoven – and it’s totally free!