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Back to School Tips

Summer is winding down and a new school year is fast approaching. It will be all change as your children face new challenges and possibly even a new school. All the shops are wheeling out their back to school sales and you’ll be in the midst of a pile of paperwork planning the year ahead. Here are our tips to help you get organised in plenty of time.


The first day back after the summer break tends to elicit a rollercoaster of emotions. There are big changes on the horizon and your household schedule has to drastically change. Instead of approaching it cold turkey, try easing them back into the school routine ahead of time. In the final two weeks of summer bring in school term bedtimes and wake them earlier. This will help them adjust to the new school schedule and smooth the transition from endless summer holiday to term time.


Schools are prolific organisers, and there are always a lot of events you need to help your child prepare for. A family calendar can help you stay on top of what’s coming up in the school year – harvest festivals, dances, school trips and parent’s evenings for example. You can put this all on your phone and work from there but if you have a paper calendar on the wall, it can be used to help teach children about the importance of organisation.


Back to school sales can begin as early as July but rushing around the shops on the Bank Holiday weekend will needlessly stress you out. Preparation is the key to beating the back to school sale rush. Take an afternoon to turn out your children’s drawers and asses what they actually need. Discard what doesn’t fit or move it into your younger child’s room. Make a list of everything they need from clothing to stationery. The earlier you shop the more likely it is you will get everything you need at the best possible price.


September mornings up and down the country are generally crazed and chaotic. It’s usually a mad rush to get out of the door so start preparing your children the night before to bring some calm to the chaos. Choose easy breakfasts, make lunch the night before and check bags for books and homework. This will stop any morning panic and leaves your child in a positive frame of mind for school – which will help them achieve even more.


Practice makes perfect and this is true for the school run too. At the end of summer have a couple days where you fully practice the morning routine. This is especially important if they’re at a new school because it will give you a better understanding of how long it takes to get there. Practicing eliminates any surprises you may face on their first day.

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