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Baroness Karren Brady on Radio 5 Live

On Thursday September 22nd 2016 School Reviewer Ambassador Baroness Karren Brady was interviewed by Emma Barnett on Radio 5 Live; talking about School Reviewer and how it can help parents and children find the right schools for their educational journey. Listen to the interview again online.

Why We Need A Mental Health Champion

You probably didn’t even know that there was a Mental Health Champion for UK schools but this week the role was axed as part of a government shake-up. The role was created last August and aimed to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Considering the high level of British pupils who suffer from mental health […]

MPs Launch Inquiry Into Sexual Harassment In Schools

MPs have launched an inquiry into sexual harassment and violence in schools after an influential report revealed that many serious incidents are not followed up. This is due to both the age of pupils involved and a fear in reporting such crimes. Research was undertaken on behalf of the Commons, Woman & Equalities Committee. It […]

How To Help Your Child With Pressure and Stress

Exam season may only just have arrived but it has already been riddled with controversy about the pressure being put on children with changes to testing. Some have dismissed the impact of testing but a new study commissioned by the BBC has found that nearly 90% of 10-11 year olds feel the pressure of exams. […]

Virtual Reality And Education

With more and more tech giants staking a claim in the virtual reality market many are asking the question what can this technology be used for? Is it just a fun way to play games? Will films move to virtual reality? We don’t know as yet but education is one area where this futuristic technology […]

Motivating A Teenager

The stereotypical moody teenager is a reality as most parents up and down the country will attest to, not only can they be in foul moods they can also suffer from a serious lack of motivation to do anything but sleep. There is some scientific evidence behind this too, with many experts citing these mood […]

Underweight Pupils Now A Huge Concern

For several years now we have spoken about how the obesity crisis is harming our children. While it is still a real issue for a great number of children, what is even more alarming is that thousands of pupils start school underweight and suffering from poor nutrition. The effects of this can be as serious […]

Eco-Versities: The Future Of Higher Education?

Higher education in the UK is now perceived as a business. The scale of student loans and the amount of money passing through these institutions has led to a seismic shift in the way Universities are both managed and marketed. With this change has come a shift in attitudes too and as a result, more […]

Hydration for Schoolchildren

Drinking enough water is a big deal – especially for children. Dehydration can give your child headaches, make them irritable and make it harder for them to concentrate. Each of these symptoms will have a negative impact on how well your child processes information and how much they take in from their teachers and assignments. […]