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Improving Your Child’s Spelling

A lot of children struggle with spelling. Due to the rise in spell checkers on computers, many simply do not need to learn. However, for a lot of their education they will have to write and won’t have access to a spell checker or dictionary, so it’s vital that children learn to be good spellers. […]

The Positive Effects of Video Games

Almost since their inception video games have received bad press. They are continually cited as a prime factor for children’s misbehaviour, however this is actually very unfair. Yes, some video games can be a bad influence that may negatively impact children, but the majority of age appropriate games will actually help children in many ways. […]

PSLE: A Focus on Learning

In recent weeks there has been a huge debate about the testing of primary school aged pupils, but there has been little comparison across international boundaries. In Singapore for example pupils leaving primary school have to sit the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Causing more stress than SATS, the Exam has a strong focus on […]

What Happens When an Exam is Disrupted?

Up and down the country teenagers are spending hours revising as exams bear down. But, what happens if the test is interrupted by something beyond the school’s control? This is exactly the situation many pupils have found themselves in after a high number of bomb threats were called into schools throughout the UK. Obviously a […]

Sleep and Your Childs Education

Bedtime can be a real nightmare so sometimes it just seems easier to keep children up later but this could actually harm both their education and development. Experts have linked a lack of sleep with behavioural problems, poor concentration and low achievement at school. Sleep is also the time when the body develops the most, […]

Top 10 Countries for University

More students are heading abroad to study than ever before but selecting the right overseas university can be difficult. If your child wants to go and study abroad there are lots of benefits to get on board with – a top-class education, broader horizons, independence, the chance to learn about a new culture and customs […]

Are Term Time Holidays a Bad Idea?

Last week the High Court made a monumental decision that will affect parents and schoolchildren throughout the country. The court ruled that Jon Platt had ‘no case to answer’ to the Isle of Wight Council, over his unpaid school fines for taking his child to Disneyland in term time. This has been a deeply divisive […]