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How can you teach your children manners?

It’s long been said that good manners cost nothing. And a school in Portugal has taken this to the next level with a poster highlighting the need for children to learn manners and respect at home. And as you’d expect, it’s gone viral, sparking a widespread discussion about manners and the modern society. The poster, […]

Why it’s time to reconsider getting that family pet

As a parent, you will be accustomed to listening to your children ask, perhaps even beg for things that take their fancy such as the latest toy, trainers, or naughty sweet treat they are rarely allowed. Amongst this list, cries of ‘can we have a dog/cat/hamster/rabbit’ can feature very prominently for many parents, especially if […]

Are your children over timetabled?

Every parent wants to do what’s best for their children and give them access to opportunities that they enjoy and benefit from. But a new study suggests that the average child is being ‘over timetabled’ leaving them with little time to relax, play, and explore their imagination, all activities that can not only improve mental […]

How can you help your child open up?

A report from Youth Index released last week revealed that 48 percent of young people have so many emotional issues that they struggle to concentrate at school. And perhaps more worryingly, 46 percent of these do not talk to anyone about their problems because they did not want anyone else to know they were struggling. […]

How to get your kids to turn off the screen

We’re all guilty of looking at a screen a bit too much every now and again, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or TV. And despite even the best intentions it’s easy for children to slip into a routine of always being plugged in but there are ways you can encourage your child to switch off […]

What to look for when picking a school

Picking out a school for your child can seem like a daunting prospect, whether it’s the first school or they’re heading up to secondary school. You want them to have an opportunity to achieve their best, get the grades they need to accomplish their goals, and, of course, settle in and make friends. It can […]

The best online tools to teach coding to kids

In order to properly prepare for the workforce of the future, today’s technological fuelled world requires the youth of today to train in a different set of skills to previous generations. Traditional subjects such as English, maths, science and more are now being taught alongside lessons such as web development, design and coding. Coding is […]