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School Reviewer is so much more than just a review site

It’s the only site with unique video walkthroughs to show how to score a 100% on Math’s GCSE and SATs papers.
The only site with a unique Buy and Sell section specific to individual schools.
A site with a unique catchment area heat map for every state school in the UK.
A site that has discussion forums for parents on a local and national basis. A site that is recruiting tutors for free to create the biggest and most trusted tutor site for parents in the UK.
A site where you can read or write reviews about your child’s school to help other parents.
In fact, it’s the perfect choice for you and your child’s educational journey.


Latest Reviews

  • Not good for SEN
    Was informed by Head Teacher that this school would be unsuitable as my child has special educational needs. A selective school.
    1 /10
  • A real privilege
    As I have titled it, it is indeed a privilege for my kids to be attending Brighton College. Not only is it a great place for education with friendly (at times stern) and knowledgable teachers. It has ...
    10 /10
  • Best Private School in UK
    For anyone who has yet to visit Brighton, the name itself suggests a bright, beautiful friendly city by the sea. A stone's throw from the seashore lies Brighton College. Voted as the best boarding sch ...
    10 /10
  • Fantastic school
    Children living in Upton are lucky to have such a promising start to life! My child absolutely loves everything about school. The leadership is strong and the staff are a dedicated,fun and nurturing t ...
    10 /10
  • Lovely school
    Both my children attend this school and I can't recommend it highly enough. If you want a good small school that put the children's best interests first above all else.... Who nurture children that ca ...
    10 /10
  • Year 8
    My daughter had 8 weeks off instead of 6 for summer because they're building a new section to the school. She's back and the new building is still not complete. Today's her first day back and they've ...
    Parent | Year 9
    4 /10
  • outstanding
    Glenthorn is really an outstanding school My son came from abroad in year 11 GCSE he missed year 10 MR HUME was kind enough to except him in his school All the teachers helped him to achieve his sc ...
    Parent | Year Year 11
    10 /10
  • Simply superb!
    Jubilee Day Nursery has been an absolute joy for both of my children. Set in acres and acres of beautiful countryside and woodland, the nursery focuses on outdoor learning and has a working farm for t ...
    10 /10
  • Excellent large semi-rural rural primary
    Tadley has proved so far to be an excellent choice for my child. Pastoral care is excellent and in the short time he has been there he has flourished academically with the support and guidance of his ...
    Parent | Year 1
    10 /10
  • St Martins Co Of E
    Since moving my daughter from another school in the area. I saw an immediate change in how she was challenged more , for her standards the last school were far too laidback and she was left to her own ...
    10 /10

School Reviewer's
Parents' Guide to Social Media

Welcome to the first of School Reviewer’s monthly guides for parents. This guide deals with the minefield that is the world of social media, designed to act as a reference for parents who are unfamiliar with the ups and downs, traps and joys of the most popular social media sites in the UK today. How they work, what to look out for, what to understand more about and how to talk to your children about them.

Register and download it for free. You can then understand all the things you need to know about social media without having to ask your children.

Latest News

Does your child need to be ‘unplugged’?
September 23, 2016 // Home Life

It’s no secret that we live in a digitally and technologically dependant society, with more and more of our daily tasks such as buying a train ticket, managing our money, booking a taxi and ordering food being done at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen. And it’s not only grownups […]

Worried about social media’s influence on your child?
September 22, 2016 // Uncategorized

It’s fair to say that social media has revolutionised daily life. Now more than ever we are influenced by what we see and hear on screens from peers. And none more so than children. The younger are at an increased risk of being influenced from what they see on social media platforms more than anyone […]

Would grammar schools create a wealth divide?
September 20, 2016 // Education

Since Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans to create more grammar schools across the UK the debate around whether or not it is a positive step has been ranging. Some have argued that it will create a wealth divide while others state it can raise education standards for all children in the country. Grammar schools […]


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