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School Reviewer is so much more than just a review site

It’s the only site with unique video walkthroughs to show how to score a 100% on Math’s GCSE, KS2 and 11+ papers.
The only site with a unique Buy and Sell section specific to individual schools.
A site with a unique catchment area heat map for every state school in the UK.
A site that has discussion forums for parents on a local and national basis. A site that is recruiting tutors for free to create the biggest and most trusted tutor site for parents in the UK.
A site where you can read or write reviews about your child’s school to help other parents.
In fact, it’s the perfect choice for you and your child’s educational journey.


Latest Reviews

  • Lack of ethnic and cultural diversity
    Distinct lack of ethnic and cultural diversity. This is not the 1700s.
    1 /10
  • It ok apart from
    It is a ok school, but if your child face don't fit then good luck getting your child getting main parts in plays etc. (Year after year it alway the same children) it would be nice if they give other ...
    5 /10
  • Bad for mental health
    I went to Chalfonts from year 7-11. I was heavily bullied, when I turned to staff to help, they were the least bit comforting and shrugged the issues off. One food tech teacher used to call students ...
    1 /10
  • Dangerous for mental health
    I went to Chalfonts from year 7-11. I was heavily bullied, when I turned to staff to help, they were the least bit comforting and shrugged the issues off. One food tech teacher used to call students ...
    1 /10
  • mental health concern
    Subtle discrimination, unapproachable headteacher with unnecessary rules, poor diversity, teaching based on instilling fear and stress on students with forced methods of revision threatened with hours ...
    4 /10
  • Creative, caring and academically vigorous
    This is an extremely unusual primary school. It is a real family and community school where all children feel loved and supported. It has a wonderful creative ethos- the kids are encouraged to think i ...
    Parent | Year 1
    10 /10
  • Cover it up
    Anything that happens in this school is covered up the staff lie for each other WE ARE STAFF WERE RIGHT YOUR WRONG
    Parent | Year 5
    1 /10
  • A school that cares
    I was surprised to read several reviews of Claires Court Schools regarding bullying and low academic standards as this does not fit in with my experience at all. Indeed, to the contrary, all my dealin ...
    10 /10
  • A school who puts the child first
    In all my dealings with Claires Court in the past 15 years, I have experienced nothing but a staff cohort and leadership team who place the child at the centre of all decisions made. A passion for tru ...
    Parent | Year 11
    10 /10
  • Not as good as it seems at first
    Personally, I wouldn't recommend Marymount. It is not as good as it seems at first. I was very worried about the lack of pastoral care. My daughter, usually confident and outgoing, had a hard time set ...
    2 /10

11+, KS2 and GCSE Revision Videos

New and exclusive to School Reviewer, a 100% walkthrough of Math’s GCSE, KS2 and 11+ papers.

School Reviewer offers not just downloadable papers, although both blank and with solutions are available, but a unique video and animated walkthrough of each question from a teacher who both sets the exams and marks them. Clear and easy to follow solutions show students how to achieve that perfect 100% score. Included are top tips and the common errors to avoid. Available to view on laptop, tablet or smart phone. It is the closest thing currently available online that replicates the home tutor experience, at a fraction of the price. Providing an invaluable aid for students to practice and learn, to achieve higher grades for both themselves and the school.

It makes out of school tutoring more accessible and much more affordable for all. KS2 tutorials are free of charge! It’s also a valuable extra resource for teachers to draw upon and recommend to both parents and students.

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School Reviewer's
Parents' Guides

Welcome to School Reviewer’s monthly guides for parents.

Every month we launch a new Parents’ Guide on topics and subjects that worry and matter to parents most. We’re using experts on topics to offer up the best and latest advice. This month we published, ‘Parents Guide To Bullying’.

Please take a look, it’s as valuable for students as it is for parents.

Register and download it for free.

Latest News

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September 24, 2016 // In The Media

On Thursday September 22nd 2016 School Reviewer Ambassador Baroness Karren Brady was interviewed by Emma Barnett on Radio 5 Live; talking about School Reviewer and how it can help parents and children find the right schools for their educational journey. Listen to the interview again online.

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