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About School Reviewer

School Reviewer has been conceived and designed to enable people to submit and read reviews on educational establishments, thereby providing readers with first hand reports from personal experience of those establishments.

Within the School Reviewer database, we have detailed profiles, academic data and OFSTED reports for the majority of the 41,826 establishments on our records


Latest Reviews

  • Very good - at least it was
    My children have now left but I have been reliably informed that standards have slipped and new policies and procedures are authoritarian and upsetting teachers and parents alike. I understand it has ...
    8 /10
  • Avoid at all costs
    Do not be fooled by the ofsted results (are we not all aware by now what a waste of time they are?). If you are a high achiever it is like you are at a different school. If you are average or below yo ...
    1 /10
  • Don't go here if you have another choice!
    Don't be fooled by the Ofsted result (though surely we are now all aware what a waste of time they are?). If you are a high achiever it's like you're at a different school. If you are average or below ...
    Parent | Year 8
    1 /10
  • Indifferent attitude to those who are not natural achievers
    There is much to recommend Holtspur School - however there is a persistent failure to create a secure environment for those children who don't naturally rise to the top of the pile either academically ...
    5 /10
  • Avoid!
    We took two of our boys out of this school, back in 2013. Our seventeen year old still struggles with his reading and writing and this doesn't surprise me as an email I once received from his form tut ...
    Parent | Year 9
    1 /10
  • Awful management
    As a teacher her I have to say there is cautious optimism that with new management starting in 2016 that staff may start to work as a team which is so essential and so lacking at St Ed's.
    3 /10
  • Great Islamic School
    It is very pleasing to see that Jamea Al Kauthar is doing well with his school work and that he seems to be enjoying it! I am extremely proud of school report - compliments must go to the teachers an ...
    Parent | Year 11
    8 /10
  • Terrible
    Worst decision ever sending my child there. The teachers and staff have not got a clue what they are doing and come across as just winging it.....Very very poor
    Parent | Year 10
    1 /10
  • A Difficult School
    I have three children two of which are currently at the School and one older child now moved to college. My older child did well here achieving some good results although he feels he was 'mis-sold' h ...
    Parent | Year 7
    4 /10
  • WORST SCHOOL - A Charity Registered School
    Brigidine School in Windsor has recently just been saved Financially by parents. This school now managed by Dawn Fleming is the worst school one can send their children to. The school has teachers con ...
    Parent | Year 10
    1 /10

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