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School Reviewer is so much more than just a review site

It’s the only site with unique video walkthroughs to show how to score a 100% on Math’s GCSE, KS2 and 11+ papers.
The only site with a unique Buy and Sell section specific to individual schools.
A site with a unique catchment area heat map for every state school in the UK.
A site that has discussion forums for parents on a local and national basis. A site that is recruiting tutors for free to create the biggest and most trusted tutor site for parents in the UK.
A site where you can read or write reviews about your child’s school to help other parents.
In fact, it’s the perfect choice for you and your child’s educational journey.


Latest Reviews

  • Year 7
    My daughter is just about to finish her first term of year 7. What an amazing time she has had so far. She settled into school life well and with incouraging teachers, is flying. So pleased with our c ...
    Parent | Year 7
    10 /10
  • Bullying
    My child is been suffering from bullying too and by the same person several times. The school did listen to my concern but i dout they have the power to do much. They seem to not have control over the ...
    Parent | Year 2
    2 /10
  • One to Avoid - Xenophobic and anti-academic
    It has been 15 years since I attended this school. After visiting the site, I was shocked to see who the Head of Ridgeway and Claires Court Schools are. Whilst the school's principle James Wilding is ...
    Student | Year 10
    1 /10
  • Great school
    Amazing school, amazing staff. Thank you MAA
    Parent | Year 9
    10 /10
  • Great school
    My children are students at Jenny Hammond. They are very happy, school is really good everyone is very supportive, kind and very helpful. The quality of teaching is outstanding. Everyone loves this sc ...
    Parent | Year R
    10 /10
  • Seagrave review
    My observations since Mrs Chaffer has been acting Head Teacher
    10 /10
  • Let's hope new preprep head is nothing like ignorant old preprep head r w.
    Education should be about equality.When people do their Education degrees to train as teachers, a great deal of lectures are about the need for equal opportunity for all.Teachers have it instilled in ...
    Teacher | Year 1
    1 /10
  • Godalming College
    I am very impressed with Godalming Collage; it has great facilities and a very friendly atmosphere. The teachers are very willing in giving a first class teaching service and most of all my daughter i ...
    10 /10
  • She is unqualified and can't even spell.
    It has recently become apparent. to myself and my colleagues that this school has staff who are not properly qualified.The principal should now put it right and eliminate the spanners in the works.Emp ...
    Other | Year R
    1 /10
  • Fairlop Primary School.
    Fairlop Primary is one of the good schools in the borough. We moved here to send my son here. My son was so happy here. The head mistress makes all the difference with her excellent leadership. The st ...
    7 /10

11+, KS2 and GCSE Revision Videos

New and exclusive to School Reviewer, a 100% walkthrough of Math’s GCSE, KS2 and 11+ papers.

School Reviewer offers not just downloadable papers, although both blank and with solutions are available, but a unique video and animated walkthrough of each question from a teacher who both sets the exams and marks them. Clear and easy to follow solutions show students how to achieve that perfect 100% score. Included are top tips and the common errors to avoid. Available to view on laptop, tablet or smart phone. It is the closest thing currently available online that replicates the home tutor experience, at a fraction of the price. Providing an invaluable aid for students to practice and learn, to achieve higher grades for both themselves and the school.

It makes out of school tutoring more accessible and much more affordable for all. KS2 tutorials are free of charge! It’s also a valuable extra resource for teachers to draw upon and recommend to both parents and students.

Watch Demo Question Tutorial

School Reviewer's
Parents' Guides

Welcome to School Reviewer’s monthly guides for parents.

Every month we launch a new Parents’ Guide on topics and subjects that worry and matter to parents most. We’re using experts on topics to offer up the best and latest advice. This month we published, ‘Parents Guide To Bullying’.

Please take a look, it’s as valuable for students as it is for parents.

Register and download it for free.

Latest News

Baroness Karren Brady on Radio 5 Live
September 24, 2016 // In The Media

On Thursday September 22nd 2016 School Reviewer Ambassador Baroness Karren Brady was interviewed by Emma Barnett on Radio 5 Live; talking about School Reviewer and how it can help parents and children find the right schools for their educational journey. Listen to the interview again online.

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Ofsted to emphasise the importance of employment
December 07, 2016 // In The Media

There has been a lot of talk about schools making sure they prepare pupils for life outside of education ever since the school leaving age increased. And it seems that now Ofsted has seen the importance of work skills, as it has announced that it will judge schools more heavily on how they prepare pupils […]


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