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School Reviewer is so much more than just a review site

It’s the only site with unique video walkthroughs to show how to score a 100% on Math’s GCSE, KS2 and 11+ papers.
The only site with a unique Buy and Sell section specific to individual schools.
A site with a unique catchment area heat map for every state school in the UK.
A site that has discussion forums for parents on a local and national basis. A site that is recruiting tutors for free to create the biggest and most trusted tutor site for parents in the UK.
A site where you can read or write reviews about your child’s school to help other parents.
In fact, it’s the perfect choice for you and your child’s educational journey.


Latest Reviews

  • Physical and racist attacks
    It's absolutely unsafe school for foreign nationals both children and their parents. The new car was badly scratched and parent physically attacked and injured within the school premises. Even though ...
    1 /10
  • Excellent Academic Results But Very Poor on Bullying
    Daughter thriving academically - lots of homework (too much sometimes) and regular testing so progress is closely monitored. Most teachers are excellent - one or two very poor however (daughter's phys ...
    Parent | Year 10
    7 /10
  • Overall impression
    If you consider that it is appropriate to group 4 year olds into Silver and Gold(The head does not grasp the connotations of these titles) and you consider that parents should buy additional uniform i ...
    5 /10
  • Disgusting staff personal behaviour and lack of facilities.
    This school has a lot to learn from other educational establishments in the vicinity. They do not have sports facilities which are their own, or often even sports teachers ! The childrens changing roo ...
    Parent | Year 10
    2 /10
  • A bit lost
    Bousfield has a fiercely good reputation, much of which is deserved. I can't fault the preparation in the academic aspects of the national curriculum. However the departure of Connie Cooling OBE as H ...
    7 /10
  • Fine if you fit the mould but not for special needs
    A great school if you are a high achieving child with no special needs, but no flexibility or real care for those who struggle.
    Parent | Year 9
    3 /10
  • Disappointing nursery
    My child has been attending the nursery for 2 years and in that time I have seen several managers come and go. What I find upsetting is how this affects the children and how senior management or head ...
    2 /10
  • Terrible school
    This school is quite easily the worst school in Hounslow to send your child to. The teachers only care about those who are more academically capable and completely disregard those who are mediocre or ...
    Student | Year 11
    1 /10
  • Very Poor Leadership
    I have serious concerns about the manner in which this school is run. This school refuses to communicate with me as my daughter's father, despite national guidance and standards stating that they are ...
    1 /10
  • Ok
    As a student at the school I would agree with most of the details from the other student. I think the majority of the teachers are very good but generally frustrated by bad behaviour. They are also ve ...
    Student | Year 9
    7 /10

11+, KS2 and GCSE Revision Videos

New and exclusive to School Reviewer, a 100% walkthrough of Math’s GCSE, KS2 and 11+ papers.

School Reviewer offers not just downloadable papers, although both blank and with solutions are available, but a unique video and animated walkthrough of each question from a teacher who both sets the exams and marks them. Clear and easy to follow solutions show students how to achieve that perfect 100% score. Included are top tips and the common errors to avoid. Available to view on laptop, tablet or smart phone. It is the closest thing currently available online that replicates the home tutor experience, at a fraction of the price. Providing an invaluable aid for students to practice and learn, to achieve higher grades for both themselves and the school.

It makes out of school tutoring more accessible and much more affordable for all. KS2 tutorials are free of charge! It’s also a valuable extra resource for teachers to draw upon and recommend to both parents and students.

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School Reviewer's
Parents' Guides

Welcome to School Reviewer’s monthly guides for parents.

Every month we launch a new Parents’ Guide on topics and subjects that worry and matter to parents most. We’re using experts on topics to offer up the best and latest advice. This month we published, ‘Parents Guide To Bullying’.

Please take a look, it’s as valuable for students as it is for parents.

Register and download it for free.

Latest News

Baroness Karren Brady on Radio 5 Live
September 24, 2016 // In The Media

On Thursday September 22nd 2016 School Reviewer Ambassador Baroness Karren Brady was interviewed by Emma Barnett on Radio 5 Live; talking about School Reviewer and how it can help parents and children find the right schools for their educational journey. Listen to the interview again online.

Are your children over timetabled?
January 20, 2017 // Home Life

Every parent wants to do what’s best for their children and give them access to opportunities that they enjoy and benefit from. But a new study suggests that the average child is being ‘over timetabled’ leaving them with little time to relax, play, and explore their imagination, all activities that can not only improve mental […]

How can you help your child open up?
January 18, 2017 // Home Life

A report from Youth Index released last week revealed that 48 percent of young people have so many emotional issues that they struggle to concentrate at school. And perhaps more worryingly, 46 percent of these do not talk to anyone about their problems because they did not want anyone else to know they were struggling. […]


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