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About School Reviewer

School Reviewer has been conceived and designed to enable people to submit and read reviews on educational establishments, thereby providing readers with first hand reports from personal experience of those establishments.

Within the School Reviewer database, we have detailed profiles, academic data and OFSTED reports for the majority of the 41,826 establishments on our records


Latest Reviews

  • Copp Cares
    Copp's moto is Copp Cares. And it really does care. As a parent I have had a hugely positive experience in and out of the classroom. My first born has settled into school life in class, in the playgro ...
    Parent | Year R
    10 /10
  • Highly Recommend School
    Thank you for everything you have done until now. I do not have the words to express myself for what you have given to our daughter. Jamea Al Kauthar is a better educational, happy place for the child ...
    Parent | Year 11
    9 /10
  • An Appalling Attitude towards Pupil Wellbeing
    I attended Albyn between 2010 and 2013, and my time there was absolutely horrible. It all stems from their headmaster whose attitude towards his pupils is disgusting. After joining, I began showing a ...
    1 /10
  • Think Twice
    Our daughter has been at this prep school since foundation but I have to say during this time we have seen the school deteriorate rapidly. The selling points for the school were the pastoral care and ...
    2 /10
  • School
    Hi I was at balnicraig school when I was a child and I have to say I loved my stay ther I had good days and bad but I would not change that part off my life I loved the place I would do it all over a ...
    10 /10
  • Results achieved under pressure.
    Students are put under pressure to produce results. Parents are encouraged to give their views but then ignored in favour of school policy. I have yet to meet a happy child from the school. My son can ...
    Parent | Year 11
    5 /10
  • elutec review 2016
    bad college. the food is never nice. they never do what it says on the menu and take money that you have not spent out of the account so they get money out of you. never go on trips as they are just a ...
    2 /10
  • Pressure
    Results are good. The pressure put on students (even gifted ones) is almost unbearable.
    Parent | Year 11
    5 /10
  • Stokes wood school
    My son was at this school from foundation 1, he is currently in year 2. My son enjoys the school and likes his teachers. There are good after school clubs and holiday clubs. The head is approachable ...
    Parent | Year 2
    10 /10
  • Great Experience with Jamea Al Kauthar
    We are delighted and very grateful for the knowledge, time and love my child had received from this school. I would like to thank you Jamea Al Kauthar. Highly recommended school !!
    Parent | Year 10
    9 /10

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